The Name Is Tag LP

by Nametag Alexander

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After a great deal of mixtape and EP releases from 2007 until now, Michigan's own; Nametag presents to you a revamped edition of his 1st official full length album, "The Name Is Tag". Originally released in June of 2010, this acclaimed independent release features a bulk of production from Black Milk [Album Of The Year, Tronic, The Setup], Black Bethoven [Da Ear Hustle, Lightyears], Chris Sholar who has worked with [Jay-Z, Q-Tip, Mariah Carey, to name a few] and Nameless [BEats Original and 16 Bit series]. Guest features from a host of Michigan's elite recording artists, Danny Brown [The Hybrid, XXX], Ro Spit [co-owner of Burn Rubber, The Glass Ceiling Project], Street Justice [Follow The Drip, Go H.A.A.M], and Cold Men Young [CNRSB,YSBAF] amplify the listening of this album even more. Nametag says he re-released the LP in an effort to reach a wider audience. The artwork appears more appropriate for the music and there's also 3 bonus remixes included. Although considered part of the new class of hip hop artists; this LP proves that Nametag is one of the seasoned when creating a song over quality production.

View the videos for "Another Other" (prod. by Black Milk), "Nowhere But Up", and the original version of "Celebrate" ft. Ro Spit (prod. by Black Milk) on youtube as well.

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released November 15, 2011

1. T.N.I.T INTRO prod. by Chris Sholar
2. NOWHERE BUT UP prod. by Black Milk
3. IN THE PAINT ft. Street Justice prod. by Black Bethoven
4. ANOTHER OTHER prod. by Black Milk
5. CELEBRATE ft. Ro Spit prod. by Black Milk
6. SPECIAL prod. by Black Bethoven
7. THE PRODUCT prod. by Black Bethoven
8. AT IT ft. Danny Brown prod. by Black Milk
9.TIME prod. by Black Bethoven *
10.CITY SONG prod by Black Milk
11.W.T.M.O ft. Cold Men Young prod. Black Bethoven
12.NOT AT ALL prod. by Chris Sholar
13.BLACKED OUT prod. by Black Bethoven
14.CELEBRATE (Remixed by Nameless) [Bonus]
15.W.T.M.O (Remixed by Nameless) [Bonus]
16.THE PRODUCT (Remixed by Nameless) [Bonus]

All songs mixed and engineered by Black Bethoven except for the bonus remixes.

Additional vocals by Crystal Ariel Robinson on "Nowhere But Up" & "Special"

Additional cuts by DJ Sicari on "City Song"

Additional cuts by DJ Soko on "Blacked Out"

Executive Produced by Black Bethoven and Nametag

Album Artworkt by Thomas Dragonette

2011 © Volume Up Entertainment



all rights reserved


Nametag Alexander Detroit

Detroit’s hip-hop scene has a storied history and a bright future, and Nametag Alexander has one foot in each place. His career origins include records alongside hometown legends like Slum Village, while his solo efforts have earned him a rep around the country as one of the city’s brightest young voices. ... more

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Track Name: T.N.I.T INTRO

The name is Tag, I got named that/Back in '99 when rap was still rap/As a matter of fact consider this track/A part of a start to bring back real rappin', still sleepin' Cats still relaxin'/Like takin' an afternoon cat nap it's-Like hip hop was kidnapped by wackness/Send out Amber alerts to get it back/A champion with a Phil Jackson state of mind/Still feel underrated in this state of mine/Like T Mac on the Raptors, one of the best on My team but not enough playin' time/Really I'm just sayin I'm beyond, when I dance over the beat like I'm Savion/Without patent leather taps to tap in, I tap in to A track when I'm rappin/Vibe off positive crowd reaction Interractin' with a crowd full of hands clappin'/Metaphor addict formatted to appeal to the masses, Where's my deal and advanced check/'Cause I been That deal and advanced at/This that and the third so, Pass the word about witnessin' a classic/Same as seein' a college game of Bird vs. Magic/No sweat no slack, should've made them wait for this album but I couldn't hold back/I spit out descriptive pictures, Kodak/So gone Like I'm on a fifth of Cognac I/Brought it back to the Middle of the map/Old English D on the middle of my Fitted cap/From Motown's original stage, I had a feelin' Y'all would feel it the minute it was written to the page


Go get 'em, hey (repeat 3x)
The name is Tag

Yea...I'm feelin' high up right now, like I'm, like I'm standin' on a I'm feelin' good...uh, The Name Is Tag, bring the hook in


Headed on my way, took a flight to the top where I plan to say, and I ain't goin nowhere, (nowhere but up) I ain't goin nowhere, (nowhere but up and that's why I'm) (repeat hook 2x)

(1st verse)

Consider it God given, rhymes that I've written hot like hell wit it though I'm one of God's gifted, real not scipted, though it's like scriptures I give through a verse like a bible of God's written, my good written consider it good writin', I'm ready to take the stage gimme good lightin' I'm the-underdog most would consider me under y'all, wait until I get my palms on the money then I'm like- nawww, they can't tell me shit, I'm lyrically hard body when I'm spittin out bricks I-been stylin' on 'em from the flow to the fit got-business to discuss hit me on the Sidekick I am-so T-Mobile the flow is probably one of your five favorites, but label me A-list, put me on ya iPod's playlist, mp3 it more than likely you downloaded it free but I'm...

(Hook) (Repeat 2x)

(2nd verse)

From a feature to a mixtape you can shuffle up my songs and create a greatest hits on a blank disc, and this here is the official album, now the folks askin' where can I getcho' album, lyrically weighed in 400 pounds plus, rate me at a 95 don't forget to round up, do the math, schoolin' you who the student in the class in the future I feel I'm a see a few who went to Cass like-remember me from school, not really, smilin' like a clown they facial expression look silly muhfucka I'm illy like the hook for A Milli, this is really me right here, no Vanillis, and if ya didn't know I am in the building, and let the rest know if they didn't get the memo, and if ya didn't know I am in the building, and let the rest know if they didn't get the memo...I'm out, 10-4

(Hook) (Repeat 2x)

Turn this up, in ya system/Nametag done did it with this One/Ro Spit done did it with this one/And for the Listeners you gotta spin this one (repeat 2x)

(1st Verse)

Fresh and dressed in D81 or DSE with a Burn Rubber Fitted/Basic chain and watch but the ear glisten, listen Here and get wit it/I'm known for a dope written, you Know it's a hit when Tag and Ro spits it/You can hate And throw hiss fits just re-remember we winnin' the Main goal is to get rich/Oh I must spit sickness a Courtesy flush 'cause you know I keep beats on my shit List/And this pick is a right song to play in repeat on ya IPod or when you put the disc in/At the bar or the party You here to get it in/Now I leave hands lifted on this end


Hands in the air, it's time to celebrate/Like it's the New Year my whole crew here/Whaddup fam, yea we in Here/We keep the DJ playin' somethin' new to hear (Somethin new)

(repeat 2x) (substitute "hands" with "cups" 2nd time)

(2nd verse)

When it come to the gear, they say Ro ain't playin' it Fair/I stock up on the clothes, I'm just stayin' prepared/ I see the envy in ya eyes all that haters in here/I'm from The city where a shot'll put ya face in the air/But I'm Ahead of the curve, I'm a fashion statement/On the Plane right wing a fashion statement/In the VIP get a Grip I throw cash away/And bought a bottle of the best, Pass the Patron/One night with the crew you might lose Ya self/What kind of nigguhs play checkers on they're Shoes And belts/Loui, V-Who-he, be off the Oowee/White paper nice flavor nice shaper so sue me/Or do Me a favor, go party with the common folk/And when You try to get back, I'm like "I don't know him"/We done wit ya, I swear we won't miss ya/But nigguhs still partyin' in here, so get ya...

(Hook) (Repeat 2x)

(Outro) (same as intro) (repeat 2x)

(Hook) (Repeat 4x)
Track Name: SPECIAL

Yea...A Black Bethoven production, feel good, Bring it in like....


Gimme that special feelin', that special love
Gimme that special feelin, that special feelin'.

(Repeat Hook 2X)

(1st verse)

You're so royal you deserve a crown/or a fella to Put metal around ya ring finger/I thought a bit About settlin' down, you got a man feelin' like Heaven is now/A diamond in the rough, my Treasure is found/I guess none of my exes really Marked the spot wow/A lot of somethin' worth While/To let it last long as, long as we here on Earth's ground/It almost seem perfect how, it's All worth it, seein' that it's workin' out between Us/Somethin' to write a verse about/Got a miss's That I feel certain 'bout/I got an interest in her Playin' the co-star and/So far I wouldn't mind an Encore/I gotta have more of seein' her in action/Somethin' like an re-enactment/In fact you Gimme that...

(Hook) (Repeat 2X)

(2nd verse)

It must run in the fam, you got it from yo' mama/ With no question, comma/A compliment to you Is my comment/Any synonym to fine you define It/No spare change but I got me a dime and, When she walks by I'm wishin' I can rewind it/No Lie, you got it honest/Oh my, quite like a Goddess/So fly can I hop on ya cloud and, we can Look down at the city from the sky and/I'm tryin' To take it to a whole other level, like De La both 3 Feet high and rising/Trust me it's not many like I, When I'm with you, I'm a committed type of guy/I Got you mezmerized, and you know that you can Get it when I stare in ya eyes, and that's real...

(Hook) (Repeat 6X)
Track Name: NOT AT ALL

Yo, this song goes out to anybody chasin' they're dream or tryin' to get somethin' major accomplished...right now it might seem like the situation you're in is at a slow pace but, keep at it 200% plus and trust, you'll be exactly where you wanna be...

(1st verse)

They say it ain't nothin goin' on but the rent, but it's bill after bill and mo' doe spent, a much better day, we know it exist, so we climb through life tryin' to get over the fence, I used to be on edge, holdin' a cliff now I'm drunk off ambition holdin' a 5th, I been a go-getta wit plenty goals to get over a hundred things to do go through the list, I won't be that-old nigguh wit no vision, tryin' to entrepreneur it, own my own business, tryin' to live in a bigger home where money ain't an issue and afford expensive things to spend it on, 'cause you gotta pay the cost no days off takin' no breaks hard work pays off, still workin' a day job tryin' to get my life together I know it can't be this life forever because...


I feel like it's gon' be okay (be okay), it won't always be this way (be this way), no way (nah), no how (nah), not at all, (nah), not at all (uh) (repeat hook 2x)

(2nd verse)

They still sayin' the economy bad, so I can use some millions of that lottery cash, throw the money in the account, deposit the stacks, pile up the stash I follow that monopoly path, and I ain't here to address a letter to the president, I'm sure he see the stress in the U.S. is evident, so we can all accept benevolence so we prayin' to heaven hopin' that God level wit' us, 'cause see the plan is to be forever winnin' steady tryin' to build livin' out an architect's vision, yes I'm that driven I aim high so if the sky is the limit I'm flyin' in that distance in time, hopin' to inspire wit this rhyme in time you grind you'll get the shine, I gotta get mine plus be free of the stress gettin' freshly dressed for a date wit suc-cess because

(Hook) (Repeat 2x)


Now everybody rock to it (if you can relate), now everybody vibe to it (if you can relate), now everybody rock wit it (if you can relate), now everybody vibe wit it (break down)