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"Climb" is a single that serves sort of as a testimonial from Detroit MC/Songwriter, Nametag Alexander. Each verse speaks highly about perseverance throughout Tag's journey as an independent music artist, yet it can be relatable to anyone listening who faces a similar experience. The instrumentation and hook vocals are provided by Composer, and also Nametag's brother, Black Bethoven which actually adds a more personal edge to the song. As of late, the two of them have been recording new material together. Enough for a full project, maybe? "Climb" is now available across online platforms to stream and download music including Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and more.


[Verse 1]

All that I ask is for you to wish me well...but you find it fitting to wish that I fail don't wanna see me excel the field - is not leveled, it's tough to find balance that's why I'm tippin’ the scale, but far from a Libra conveniently I'm a leader, learned more from Jay and Jeezy than my teachers and they ain’t even get the degree to teach us, I'm from the school of King of Rock and My Adidas light above me as I'm executing my brightest ideas, this story is of glory, you gotta believe in me a victorious champion the Muhammad Ali in me, here I am in the present my gift is of importance when I ex-it, bury me a legend who was historic it was destined, it's all drawn out by the most high check the sketches I-neva failed I've only absorbed lessons, no takin Ls only two Vs-weaved, connected, that's twice the victory let's create history


I didn't climb this high….only for me to fall...puttin in that time...because I want it all...so I been grindin my whole life, strivin my whole life workin all day I ain't-slept through a whole night, I climbed this high…and I don't plan to fall...

[Verse 2]

Please miss me if you-doin’ the most at doin’ nothin, I got little time to waste wit a lot to accomplish, followed my own
compass, my own routes it's no hand outs the last dragon, Leroy the master I own somethin, you doubt I prosper that's yo’ opinion and own assumption, and my assumption and opinion is you not a profit, back against the ropes...I was taught how not to get boxed in, roll wit the punches weavin’ and bobbin’ cuz life got a way of throwin’ you uppercuts and haymakers you try to prevent it wit a block or you gotta take the hit...I entered the game wit- no intention to quit, leadin’ in the far left lane no signal on to switch-you can say that I was sent-you can't prevent what was meant-you either wit me or you in the way- take a pick I made a quick decision to wanna be rich in spirit and in wealth, highly driven nothin less nothin else



A. Robinson (Nametag)
A. Robinson Jr. (Black Bethoven)



all rights reserved


Nametag Alexander Detroit

Detroit’s hip-hop scene has a storied history and a bright future, and Nametag Alexander has one foot in each place. His career origins include records alongside hometown legends like Slum Village, while his solo efforts have earned him a rep around the country as one of the city’s brightest young voices. ... more

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