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With previous singles like street favorites "Paper" and "La Da Da", indie/Detroit Hip Hop veteran, Nametag Alexander changes pace with his new lead single, "Down". In place of his normal high-octane and aggressive delivery over Boom Bap production, "Down" features a smoother 'Tag with a more mellow delivery focused towards the opposite sex. The single is available on Tag's "Metal Letter EP" available now across all digital platforms


[Hook] (Repeat 2x)

Lemme know, who you tryin' to be wit', what's a number to dial if it's goin-down-down-down-yea if it's goin-down-down-down if it's goin-down

How can I fit onto ya schedule, cuz I can make room for you on mine, no photo shop on social media pics in real life lookin' like how you do online...and you look fine, sophisticated woman one of a kind stars aligned I'm a Capricorn and you're a-it don't matter bet I can connect with all signs, of the Zodiac, pose for the moment like Kodak, po' a little Henny in yo glass wit-Coke as the chaser I'm way too grown up to chase ya but got damn God bless the couple that made ya, barely a flaw, barely put on much make up at all, are ya lookin this great when ya wake up, show up to ya place snap back or my fitted low, listen you can get it doe, only if you wit it doe.

[Hook] (Repeat 2x)

Messin' me up my whole head like-how the song said like-I'll find my way if you lead right, you gon' stay around if I lay it right, I don't play around no games let me show you what it's layin' like, you seem like you know what you wanna make of life, you know-goal driven, a goal getta who can get it on her own don't condone gold diggas, it's no secret motives, no hidden agendas, I'm con-stantly scopin' you I hope it ain't offensive, we noticin' each other noticin' we both know that it's an interest here so let's be open bout the feelin'...just so we can both know what the deal is thoughts provoked ya mine's a weapon why conceal it, you wounded by ya past but I can assist wit the healin'...I insist but it's really if you willin' and if the liquor within' ya, them true feelings revealin' (I know)

[Hook] (Repeat 2x)

[Breakdown] (Repeat 4x)

Let's stop playin' and let's get aquainted, say it what's you make it, said it's what you make it

[Hook] (Repeat 2x)


released April 25, 2016
Written & recorded by: Alexander Robinson

Produced & arranged by: JR Swiftz

Mixed & mastered by: Desmond "DJ DDT" Travis



all rights reserved


Nametag Alexander Detroit

Detroit’s hip-hop scene has a storied history and a bright future, and Nametag Alexander has one foot in each place. His career origins include records alongside hometown legends like Slum Village, while his solo efforts have earned him a rep around the country as one of the city’s brightest young voices. ... more

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