La Da Da

by Nametag Alexander

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"La Da Da" is a record that speaks confidence. Detroit MC, Nametag delivers a double-time cadence, with a hook that is slowed down, giving everybody a chance to catch up. Flint, MI producer, Nameless [For Namesake, The Gift Vol.1, Fab Five] illustrated the cover art as well as the production. The whole track makes you feel like something dangerous COULD happen. It has that edge.

Press release written by DeAngelus Garcia

Verse 1

Look who's at it right back at it get on that track and I gotta do damage look at my bat-tin' average and I got anotha crack at it, guess I'm an addict in my own lane, f**k that traffic clear that path, still a rappin' maniac that'll manage maintainin' stamina no amateur like what's practice?-we talkin' 'bout practice?-man I be on that s**t-rockin' to Baatin like f**k this rap s**t I listen to classic-al, that's Tag wit' a classic-flow go hard 'cause I'm in my zone, and I stay in it like I'm in my home, in the landlord and tenant, the minute I get to pennin' a good written it's good riddance end y'all gimmicks raw authentic, spit gold outta my grill I should invest in Paul Wall bu'ness, tippin' fo' fo's that's wrapped in fo' vogues, like back in o fo' (04) in this b**tch, they don't let us through the front-of the buildin' then we gotta kick in the back do' of that b**tch

Hook (repeat 4x)

La da da, hey hey, I'm so ain't on my, my level man I'm so gone

Verse 2

...and I'm always up to somethin' official artist, no longer label me as up and comin' I'm from that-part of the map of them rappers who rappin' better around them acts I'm gon' run a couple tracks check my track record, ain't been no half stepper has beens mad actin' like Eddie spazzin' outside of Flash dressin' room, put in all that work, yet them fans never check for you, just keep admirin' meanwhile I'm gon' set that roof-on fire I ignite it like lightin' a wick of a dynamite stick when applyin' this wit it's a cliffhanger on the edge of a cliff tryin' to find my grip, little metaphor about holdin' on and not fallin' off and not tryin' to slip had a to find a niche so I did but the game got crowded so I had to find a fit, see I felt like a hog amongst the wolves who had built his home up outta brick, my alien way of thinkin' you might catch me on that mother ship, bein' consistent at always bein' on some otha s**t if this underground then it's only right I make the underground lift, I'm gone

Hook (repeat 4x)


released September 8, 2015
A. Robinson, G. Cotton, D. Travis



all rights reserved


Nametag Alexander Detroit

Detroit’s hip-hop scene has a storied history and a bright future, and Nametag Alexander has one foot in each place. His career origins include records alongside hometown legends like Slum Village, while his solo efforts have earned him a rep around the country as one of the city’s brightest young voices. ... more

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